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Retaining wall examples

Retaining wall design examples with DeepEx

DeepEX can design retaining walls with many different wall and support types. Supports and external loads can be added on the model graphically or using the user-friendly Model Wizard. You can access the DeepEX retaining wall design exaples below!


Soldier Pile Wall Example



Secant Pile Wall Example



Sheet Pile Wall Example



Diaphragm (slurry) Wall Example



Tangent Pile Wall Example



Bored Pile Wall Example



Cofferdam Sheet Pile Wall Example



Cut and Cover Tunnel Example



Cantilever Wall Example



Dead Man Wall Example



Wall Systems

Wall Systems

Review extensive information about several wall types commonly used in deep excavations!


Support Systems

Support Systems

Review extensive information about several support systems used in deep excavations!


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Advanced Video Examples

Advanced Video Examples

New videos, covering several deep excavation design cases and DeepEX capabilities!


DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for design and analysis of Deep Excavations! Design any wall type and support system in the most efficient way!

  • Structural and Geotechnical Design

  • Modern Interactive Interface

  • Model Automatic Optimization

  • Export Reports and Sketches

  • Limit Equilibrium - Non-Linear - Finite Element Analysis

  • 2D Design Sections  - 3D Frame Analysis



Wall Types in DeepEX

  • Soldier pile and lagging walls

  • Secant and tangent pile walls

  • Sheet pile and box sheet pile walls

  • Diaphragm (slurry) walls

  • Soldier pile and tremied concrete (SPTC) walls

  • Combined sheet pile walls

  • Create unlimited wall sections in each project

  • Check quickly different options

  • Extensive international databases of steel beams and steel sheets

  • Simple wall section assignment procedure

  • Manage all properties througn user-friendly dialogs



Support Types in DeepEX

  • Ground anchors (Tieback supports)

  • Struts

  • Slabs

  • Rakers

  • Fixed supports

  • Springs

  • Walers

  • Add waler beams to supports

  • Add passive heelblocks to rakers

  • Graphically add supports

  • Manage support properties through user-friendly dialogs

  • Select support steel sections from implemented lists

  • Optimize supports



External Loads in DeepEX

  • Linear loads and surcharges on ground surface

  • Linear loads and surcharges on the walls

  • Prescribed conditions on the walls

  • External moments on the walls

  • 3D loads (3D surface loads, buildings, footings)

  • Graphically add loads

  • Manage load properties from user-friendly dialogs

  • Elastic load equations



Voice Recognition and Intelligence

  • Models can be created with voice commands

  • Dialogs can be accessed with voice orders

  • Model and staging can be created in seconds

  • Save a lot of time and effort



DeepEx Demo

Structural and Geotechnical design of Deep Excavations.

Try the Full version for free and see how you can design and optimize any deep excavation model in the most efficient way!

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Web Presentation

Web Presentation

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Purchase DeepEX

Purchase DeepEX

Get the most powerful shoring design software! Customize your version!




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