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Soldier pile excavation pits with diagonal struts in Arkansas

Soldier pile excavation pits with diagonal struts in Arkansas designed with DeepEX software

An industrial facility in Arkansas required the excavation of two pits for expanding equipment. Both excavations are located inside the functioning industrial facility, with equipment operating above the pits.  Each pit is designed 24 ft deep and 45 ft to 48 ft square.  Adjacent building columns are supported on 170 kip capacity micropiles installed by PLI Systems, Portland, OR.  DeepEx was used to design the entire shoring system.  One side of one pit required one level of double 12 in. diameter pipe struts to resist the horizontal surcharge imposed by a large machine foundation. Both pits were designed with DeepEX by Alder Geotechnical, Portland, OR and with consulting assistance and review by Deep Excavation.




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