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Soldier pile excavations in Seattle

Two major soldier pile with tiebacks excavations in Seattle

MKA, in Seattle, has been using DeepEX since 2011 to design deep excavations. Today we are focusing on two deep excavations they have designed in downtown Seattle, a 50ft deep excavation at Pike Place Market and an 80ft excavation at 9th and Lenora. Thanks to Zach Mendelsohn. P.E. and Michael Gottlier, for arranging site visits. Check out some nice images from both sites here.

Pike Place Market Expansion Project:

-       50ft excavation w/ 4-5 levels of tiebacks

-       Underpinning of existing garage structure to the north

-       Soils were medium to stiff silts and lean clay.

9th and Lenora (Residential) Project:

-       80ft excavation w/ up to 9 levels of tiebacks

-       Internally braced north wall with 2’ diameter angled braces

-       Soils were shallow fill (up to 15’) over a dense sand over glacial till

Both walls are performing well with pile deflections in the 0.25 to 0.5-inch range.

Soldier Pile Excavation in Seattle Pike Street with DeepEX

80 ft Soldier pile excavation in Seattle, designed by MKA with our DeepEX software


Zach Mendelsohn, P.E. (right) and Michael Gottlier (left)


Soldier pile excavation with tiebacks at Pike Street, Seattle, designed with DeepEX by MKA


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