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Mountain Pacific projects with DeepEX

Mountain Pacific Projects with DeepEX

Mountain Pacific Inc., located in California, uses DeepEX on Westside Subway Expansion and other projects


In this page, we would like to focus on the success Mountain Pacific in California has had using our DeepEX deep excavation software. We would like to thank them, and Paul Hamilton, P.E. for sharing this material.


In the words of Mountain Pacific:

On complicated deep excavations with multi staging, Mountain Pacific often utilizes the capability of DeepEx to develop ideal pile sizing.  The non-linear analysis helps us develop optimal design in an efficient manner.  For excavations where settlements are critical such as urban excavations, subways, and excavations adjacent to railroads, we have found the graphics to be an excellent design aid for load modeling.

Westside Subway Extension Project

Owner:  Los Angeles County MTA

Mountain Pacific provided the preliminary support of excavation design and traffic deck design for three subway stations and one excavation shaft. The subway extension runs directly under Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles.  The stations are approximately 1000’ long x 70’ wide x 85’ deep.  The entire excavation is capped with a structure to accommodate full traffic.  The system is soldier pile/lagging, struts are pre-tensioned, and tiebacks are incorporated as necessary.



Nogales UPRR Grade Separation

Owner: County of Los Angeles, CA

Mountain Pacific provided the support of excavation design to support the live rail traffic adjacent to the bridge substructure excavation and retaining walls.  The excavation is approximately 35’ deep. The system is soldier pile/lagging; tiebacks are design with both post-tension cable and removable thread bar.


Jeffery Road Grade Separation

Owner: City of Irvine, CA

Mountain Pacific provided the support of excavation design to support the live rail traffic adjacent to the bridge substructure excavation and retaining walls, and the support of exaction for a pump station.  The excavations are approximately 50’ deep. The rail support system is soldier pile/lagging with tiebacks.  The pump station is pile/lagging with struts.


All American Canal

Owner: Imperial Irrigation District, Yuma, AZ

Mountain Pacific provided cofferdam and water wall design to support continuous flow of the canal.  The water depth is up to 20’ deep.  The support system is sheet pile with post tension cable ties.

ames 007_Arizona_Sheet_Piles_900.jpg


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