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Workshop: Advanced Excavations Design

Online Workshop - Advanced Excavations Design

FEM - Tunnels - Marine Walls

Workshop Schedule: TBA

8 PDH Credits

In this full day workshop, you will learn the basics of the design of complex deep excavation projects with advanced methods. The seminar will provide a strong theoretical background on the design of excavtions with the Finite Element Analysis method, explain the methods and tricks for the design of tunnels, quay walls and marine walls and cover the design of 3D excavation models and steel connections. The workshop will build on solid fundamentals and help engineers minimize uncertainties in deep excavation design.

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From Theory to Practice

The seminar focuses both on theory and practice. The attendees will have a chance to learn or refresh their knowledge of different deep excavation design methods and standards used wordwide, and they will have a chance to apply all the methods within advanced software applications. During the workshop, several excavation design types and models will be reviewed and simulated, extending the participant engineers perception and knowledge on how to solve composite problems and provide economic alternative solutions.

During this Workshop, you will be able to:

Explore types of deep excavations and identify common problems and challenges.

Understand the basics of soil mechanics that govern deep excavation design

Analyze the design and construction of cantilever and anchored sheet pile walls.

Explain appropriate applications for braced excavation construction methods.

Practice your deep excavation skills.

Gain more confidence by seeing step by step how various deep excavation systems are designed.

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March 11 2021, 9.30 AM to 6 PM EST (6.5 hours)

  • Finite Element Analysis Method - Theoretical Background

  • Complex Deep Excavation Design Cases and Scenarios

  • Analysis and design of Tunnels

  • Design of Sea Walls

  • Marine Projects Design Method

  • Advanced 3D Frame Analysis

  • Steel Connections

  • Practice - Software Applications


2-Day Online Workshop: Design of Excavations

Upcoming Workshop: March 9 and 10, 2020

PDH Credits: 16

Learn how to effectively use several analysis methods and tricks to design excavations in the most efficient way

Theory and Practice



Some Words from our Workshop Participant Professionals!

- The workshop was very good.  I thought it was well presented and I came away with a lot of information.John Damm | Geotechnical Engineer, Bechtel NS&E

- Overall, I thought it was a great class!. I learned a great deal of info, and I’m sure the powerpoint slides will come in handy as a reference.Eric Lahita, President Lahita Engineering

- It was a pleasure meeting you in New York, the workshop was a great add-on for me as a user of the software. It has provided validation of used method and has shown new way of using the software. Alexandre Leblanc,ing. Substructur Expert-conseil, Montreal, Canada


Workshop Instructor: Dimitrios C. Konstantakos, P.E.

Dimitrios C. Konstantakos, P.E., is the founder and CEO of Deep Excavation LLC, a developer of user-friendly, high-quality, deep excavation calculation and design software. He is also the current chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Earth Retaining Structures Committee.

Mr. Konstantakos holds a master of science degree in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has been involved in the design of bridge foundations, tunnels, deep excavations, finite element simulations, piers and bulkheads, pile foundations, and field inspections. Mr. Konstantakos’ experience includes structural engineering with a leading geotechnical firm in New York, NY. He is a professional engineer in the State of New York and West Virginia, and an EU P.E. in Geotechnical Engineering. Mr. Konstantakos has also taught Support of Excavation Systems as an adjunct professor at New York University.


Workshop Secondary Instructor: Nikolaos Lesgidis, P.E. EU

Nikolaos Lesgidis, P.E. EU, PhD, M.ASCE is a lead software engineer (computational geotechnics) in Deep Excavation LLC, responsible for the development of the Finite Element Analysis modules of the DeepEX and DeepFND software suites. He is the co-author of over 15 high impact journal and international conference publications in the field of soil structure interaction and computational mechanics.

Dr. Lesgidis holds a Dpl.Ing and a Phd in Civil Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He  is a Certified Professional Engineer in EU, and has been involved in numerous research projects worldwide. 


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