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PDCA Magazine - Special Workshop Offer

PDCA Magazine Special Workshop Offer

Learn tips and tricks for the effective design of sheet pile walls, cofferdams and driven pile foundations



All of us working in the deep foundation world realize the great risk and potential rewards that come with our profession. Often you are bidding on a proposal and need a quick turnaround review. Other times you might need to optimize a system and realize value engineering benefits. This is where we come in to help you with our deep excavation and deep foundation software solutions. Our passion for geotechnical and foundation engineering is packed in our software code. We solve geotechnical, structural, and design code issues for your pile foundations and sheet pile walls and cofferdams.

Sign Up for a Free 1-hour online Workshop (normal value: $200) and learn how our programs can be used for the effective design of sheet pile walls, cofferdams and driven pile foundations


Workshop Instructor: Dimitrios Konstantakos, P.E, CEO Deep Excavation LLC

Workshop Date and Time: TBA

About Deep Excavation LLC

The mission of our company is the development of high-quality, user-friendly deep excavation and deep foundation calculation and design software programss, as well as training and support of users in the adequate use of this software. with the ultimate purpose of making computerized simulations worldwide available for practical application in the wider geotechnical engineering and consulting field.

Besides, we provide high quality consulting services to our numerous clients all time, gathering the unique information for the different excavation and construction solutions.




DeepFND - Foundation Piles Design Software

DeepFND is the ultimate software program for lateral and vertical analysis of all types of foundation piles (helical and non-helical)!

Structural and Geotechnical Design of all pile types:

- Drilled Piles

- Driven Piles

- Caissons

- CFA Piles

- Drilled-In-Displacement Piles

- Micropiles

Design Any Pile Section Type:

- Driven Steel Beams (H piles, Pipes)

- Concrete Piles

- Composite Sections

- Belled Bottom Piles

- Rectangular/Circular/Octagon Piles

- Hollow Piles

- Timber Piles (Wood)

Design of Helical Piles:

- Pipes

- Square Solid Piles

- Square Hollow Piles

- Unlimited Helix Configurations

- Option to Include External Casing

- Installation Torque Estimation

- Cylinder & Individual Plate Method

  • Pile Settlement Analysis

  • Vertical and Lateral Pile Analysis

  • Single Piles - Pile Groups - Pile Rafts

Workshop Piles DeepFND.jpg

Pile Caps with Driven Steel Piles - Designed with the DeepFND Software


DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for design and analysis of Deep Excavations! Design any wall type and support system in the most efficient way!

Structural and Geotechnical Design of all members:

- Walls

- Steel Struts and Rakers

- Ground Anchors

- Concrete Slabs

- Tiedowns

- Steen Columns

Design Any Wall Type: - Sheet Piles

- Secant/Tangent Piles

 - Soldier Piles

- King Piles (Combined Sheet Piles)

- Box Sheet Piles

- Doncrete Diaphragms

Design Any Support System:

- Cantilever Excavations

- Cofferdams

- Deadman Systems

- Anchored Walls

-Braced Excavations (struts and rakers)

- Top-Down Excavations

  • Model Automatic Optimization

  • Limit Equilibrium - Non-Linear -

  • Export Reports and Sketches

  • 2D Design Sections  - 3D Frame Analysis

  • Total Project Cost Estimation

  • Modern Interactive Interface

TapanZee Bridge Cofferdams_DeepEX_Workshop.JPG

New Tapan Zee Bridge - Cofferdams Designed with the DeepEX Software

Projects designed with DeepEX

$2 Billion Hudson Yards, New York

Circular wet soil mix shaft, Florida

Soldier Pile Wall in Manhattan, NY

Circular_Shaft_Hillsborough river microtunnel-Florida.png


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