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Slope Stability Analysis and Finite Element Analysis Settlements

Video Example: Slope Stability Analysis and FEM Analysis Settlements

In this example we will be performing a slope stability analysis with and without the use of soil nails. A building is located on the top of the slope. Soil mass settlements and movements at the building can be evaluated with the finite element analysis method (DeepFEM, additional module available to any DeepEX version).

A. Project Description

Many times, in urban areas, we have to excavate a steep slope close to existing buildings. In this case, it is recommended to examine both the slope stability, and the surface settlements that might appear below the building. DeepEX software can handle such cases. 

This design example presents a case with a 45deg slope surface. An existing building is located on the top of the bench. Two soil layers are considered in this model. This example focuses on the slope stability analysis of the slope surface, with and without the use of soil nails.  For simplicity in this example, a circular slope stability analysis with the Morgenstern-Price (General Limit Equilibrium) method is presented. More complex failure surfaces, possibly using an automatic search approach, should also be examined in real projects. 

A finite element analysis on the same model, was also performed using the DeepEX Finite Element engine DeepFEM. This allows us to examine the soil stresses, displacements and settlements below the building.


B. Example Video

C. Slope Stability and Finite Element Analysis Results

DeepEX can perform full structural and geotechnical design for deep excavations. Both slope stability and the finite element analysis results can be displayed graphically on the model area at the same time. 

In DeepEx 2D Sections, the local project X-Axis is placed along the user screen. For the examined design section and the 3D loads (like buildings and footings), we can define the exact positions along the local Y-Axis as well (axis in-out of the screen). The following image presents the building and Design Section Y-Coordinate in the current example.


DeepEX can analyze and present results for all construction stages and created design sections, allowing the designer to review the full project history and take important decisions for optimizing a solution while ensuring adequate safety factors. The following images illustrate some of the calculated results, both from the slope stability analysis (critical slope surfaces and safety factors), and from the finite element analysis (settlements below the building).


6. Slope St Analysis Model with Nails.JPG

7. Finite Element Analysis Settlements.JPG


Presentations_DeepEX_Slope Stability and Soil Nailing.png

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DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

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DeepEX Features

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DeepEX Upgrades

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Training Videos

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