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Section 7: Typical Models Design Procedure


In most cases, a model creation with the correct, strict staging can lead to the most efficient solutions, taking into consideration all possible parameters that can affect a project.

This section includes our recommendations for the creation of several typical model types with the DeepEX tools. A combination of the methods and staging recommendations in this section can lead to the design of more composite models and scenarios.

7.1 Create a Cantilever Excavation Model Manually

7.2 Create an Anchored Wall Model Manually

7.3 Create a Braced Excavation Model (Struts) Manually

7.4 Create a Braced Excavation Model (Rakers and Heelblock) Manually

7.5 Create a Top Down Excavation Model (Concrete Slabs) Manually

7.6 Create a Dead-Man Wall Model with the DeepEX Model Wizard

7.7 Create a Bin Type Wall Model with the DeepEX Model Wizard

7.8 Create a Circular Shaft Model with the DeepEX Model Wizard


Advanced Video Examples

Advanced Video Examples

New videos, covering several deep excavation design cases and DeepEX capabilities!


New Examples with DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

Shoring Design Software


Projects designed with DeepEX

$2 Billion Hudson Yards, New York

Circular wet soil mix shaft, Florida

Soldier Pile Wall in Manhattan, NY

Circular_Shaft_Hillsborough river microtunnel-Florida



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