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Inclinometers Monitoring Software

SiteMaster 2020:

Slope inclinometer software with DXF drawings

SiteMaster is a modern and powerful software program for processing and presenting inclinometer readings. SiteMaster can handle an unlimited number of sites and an unlimited number of inclinometers. The program is very easy to use and includes all standard graphs as well as unique features. It can process and present all inclinometers within a project, as well as include plan view displacement graphs related to excavation construction history. SiteMaster can work with any inclinometer system that  produces a text data file. Monitoring sites are stored in an easy to modify folder where all data items are placed in a systematic approach. Displacement graphs are organized in an efficient and easy way. Reports can be customized and exported in PDF or MS Word format.

Geokon adopts SiteMaster as the professional standard software program for their inclinometers!

FHWA departments have recently adopted SiteMaster!


SiteMaster has been developed by engineers that have wide experience in the geotechnical and geo-structural monitoring industry. Our company uses SiteMaster with pride in our inclinometer monitoring projects.

Works with any inclinometer: SiteMaster can import data from any inclinometer system that produces a text based data file. Custom readers can be created to read any type of text data file. Geokon, SINCO, SISGEO, RST Instruments, ITMsoil, Tecnopenta, OTR, ENCARDIO, and Digitilt inclinometer formats supported

Modern interface: SiteMaster has modern interactive interface. You can even double click on the inclinometers on plan view.

Logical layout: Graphs are logically presented. Easily zoom in and out on any graph to spot out critical data.

Export reports to MS Word, and Adobe PDF, & MS EXCEL


Software Features and Capabilities

  • Read from any inclinometer probe (customizable settings)

  • Geokon, SINCO, SISGEO, RST Instruments, Tecnopenta, ITMsoil, OTR, ENCARDIO, and Digitilt inclinometer formats supported

  • Characterize readings as valid or disregarded

  • Cumulative displacement graphs

  • Rotated displacement graphs

  • Incremental displacement graphs

  • Displacement changes from last valid reading

  • Polar displacement graphs

  • Displacement rates mm/day or inch/day

  • Polar displacements on site plan.

  • Export reports to word and pdf

  • Automatically track displacements versus time and plot against excavation section.

  • Spiral correction data from Geokon and RST instruments. 

  • Customizable reports and logos

  • Generate reports for all or one inclinometer

  • Import image for site plan and customize coordinates

  • Use key plan images and locate the inclinometer positions.

  • Include excavation sections with walls, excavation levels, borings etc.

  • Include basic construction history.

  • Summary tables for all inclinometers

  • Include results for different elevation zones

  • Add warning displacement levels (permitted displacements)



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