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Gravity Walls and Pile Supported Abutments

Gravity Walls and Pile Supported Abutments

With the Gravity Walls and Pile supported abutments optional module, you can design any gravity retaining wall in the most effective way! 

DeepEX offers the possibility to use a gravity retaining wall. User has the flexibility to create basic types of retaining walls such as full gravity or with stem. DeepEX calculates the sliding and overturning safety factors of the diaphragm wall. Flexural, reinforcement can be included where ever desired. A gravity wall can also be used as a pier or an abutment wall with piles.

Gravity walls is DeepEX

Gravity walls dialog in DeepEX

In DeepEX, we can select to add piles (fixed to a pile cap or not), define the pile position (X and Y coordinates) and select to edit the pile structural section. The pile sections can be of any type or shape (reinforced concrete, steel sections, timber piles, plain concrete). DeepEX distributes the reaction on the pile head to each pile depending on the pile position and performs all pile design calculations.

The Gravity Walls and Pile Supported Abutments module can be added in any DeepEX Version

Figure 10.3.1 Edit wall properties - use gravity walls option for pile abutments.jpg

Figure 10.4.1 Graphical results - pile moments and bearing capacity results.jpg

Main Features

  • Choose from a list of 13 commonly used gravity wall shapes

  • Customize the wall section dimentions through a user friendly dialog

  • Option to add a gravity wall key

  • Interaction with front walls

  • Flexural reinforcement can be included 

  • Definition of all supporting piles section and position

  • Full design of the piles


Presentations_DeepEX_Gravity Walls and Pile Abutments.png

Designing Gravity Walls and Abutments?

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DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for design and analysis of Deep Excavations! Design any wall type and support system in the most efficient way!

  • Structural and Geotechnical Design

  • Modern Interactive Interface

  • Model Automatic Optimization

  • Export Reports and Sketches

  • Limit Equilibrium - Non-Linear - Finite Element Analysis

  • 2D Design Sections  - 3D Frame Analysis


DeepEX Features

DeepEX Features

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Web Presentation

Web Presentation

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Purchase DeepEX

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