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Eurocodes 2 and 8

EUROCODES 2 & 8 - Reinforced Concrete Design Codes

DeepEX implements Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 8 general specifications for reinforced concrete design, as well as, the national annexes of several european countries.

Eurocodes are a set of European structural design codes for building and civil engineering works. DeepEX implements the Eurocode 2 and 8 specifications, procedures and equations for the design of concrete members and reinforced concrete structures.


  • Eurocode 2 covers the design of buildings and civil engineering works constructed in plain, reinforced, prestressed and precast concrete.


  • Eurocode 8 explains how to make building and civil engineering structures resistant to earthquakes.


Eurocodes are conceived and developed over the past 30 years with the combined expertise of the member states of the European Union; they are arguably the most advanced structural codes in the world. They are intended to be mandatory for European public works and likely to become the de-facto standard for the private sector – both in Europe and world-wide.


The National Annexes on Eurocodes list nationally established values to be chosen for a number of clauses in the individual Eurocodes. All European Union countries will be required to develop their own National Annexes to be applied in the countries concerned. DeepEX implements National Annex specifications for a great amount of countries within European Union, allowing designing projects in Europe and world-wide. 

National Annexes implemented in DeepEX

  • Austrian

  • Belgium

  • British

  • Bulgarian

  • Cypriot

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • Finnish

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

  • Italian

  • Slovakian

  • Slovenian

  • Swedish



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DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for design and analysis of Deep Excavations! Design any wall type and support system in the most efficient way!

  • Structural and Geotechnical Design

  • Modern Interactive Interface

  • Model Automatic Optimization

  • Export Reports and Sketches

  • Limit Equilibrium - Non-Linear - Finite Element Analysis

  • 2D Design Sections  - 3D Frame Analysis


DeepEX Features

DeepEX Features

All software features and capabilities! Review all available design methods and analysis standards!


DeepEX Upgrades

DeepEX Upgrades

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Structural and Geotechnical design of Deep Excavations.

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Web Presentation

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Purchase DeepEX

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