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Chinese Standards CN

Chinese Standards CN

DeepEX implements Chinese design standards for the structural design of steel and reinforced concretre members, as well as for the geotechnical design.

The following standards are included:

  • CN for reinforced concrete and steel members design

  • CN Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 for geotechnical design


Image 1: Chinese structural design codes in DeepEX


Image 2: Chinese geotechnical design code cases in DeepEX


Image 3: Chinese geotechnical design codes and partial safety factors (1)


Image 4: Chinese geotechnical design codes and partial safety factors (2)



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DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for design and analysis of Deep Excavations! Design any wall type and support system in the most efficient way!

  • Structural and Geotechnical Design

  • Modern Interactive Interface

  • Model Automatic Optimization

  • Export Reports and Sketches

  • Limit Equilibrium - Non-Linear - Finite Element Analysis

  • 2D Design Sections  - 3D Frame Analysis

DeepEX Features

DeepEX Features

All software features and capabilities! Review all available design methods and analysis standards!


DeepEX Upgrades

DeepEX Upgrades

We continue our research and we introduce new unique features that extend the software capabilities!




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DeepEx Demo

Structural and Geotechnical design of Deep Excavations.

Try the Full version for free and see how you can design and optimize any deep excavation model in the most efficient way!

Starting at

$ 3750


Web Presentation

Web Presentation

Get a Free online presentation! Learn about all software features and capabilities!


Purchase DeepEX

Purchase DeepEX

Get the most powerful shoring design software! Customize your version!




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