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Cut and cover tunnel

Cut and cover tunnel designed with DeepEX

A cut and cover tunnel example will be analyzed with DeepEX. The following data is available:

a) Soil properties: Sand, friction angle = 30 degrees, total unit weight 120 pcf, loading modulus of elasticity Eload= 300 ksf, reloading modulus of elasticity Eur = 900 ksf. Ultimate bond resistance for ground anchors 40 psi.

b) Excavation depth: 20 ft between two diaphragm (slurry) walls that are constructed with a spacing of 20 ft, slabs at 1.5 ft depth and 18.5 ft depth.

Objective: Design the walls and slabs with allowable stress methodology and obtain a wall embedment safety factor of 1.5.

Cut and cover tunnel example model and results

Cut and cover tunnel example slurry wall properties

Slurry wall reinforcement: 6#9 left and right.

Cut and cover tunnel example Load and Slab properties

Insert and modify slabs and surcharge data.

Cut and cover tunnel example US allowable settings

Apply the US allowable settings.

Cut and cover tunnel example Results Summary

Initial results of sheet pile analysis, critical items in red. We are notified here that the analysis is successful and that all the stress checks and ratios, as well as the Safety Factors are satisfied.


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Advanced Video Examples

Advanced Video Examples

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DeepEX - Shoring Design Software

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DeepEX Features

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DeepEX Upgrades

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New Examples

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