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3D surcharge loads

3D surcharge loads

The software offers the possibility to include other 3-dimensional surcharges. In essence, all these loads are extensions/integrations of the 3D point vertical load solution.

For 3D footings, the surcharge on the wall can be calculated in two ways:

  1. By integrating the footing bearing pressure over smaller segments on the footing footprint. In this case the footing is subdivided into a number of segments and the surcharge calculations are slightly more time consuming.

  2. By assuming that the footing load acts as a 3D point load at the footing center coordinates.

For loads that are located on the surface: The software program uses the Boussinesq equation. Results from the following equations are multiplied by the elastic load adjustment factor m as previously described.

3D surcharge loads

The radial stress increment is then calculated as:


The hoop stress is defined as:


With the angles defined as:


Then, the horizontal component surcharge is:

Horizontal component


DeepEX Features

DeepEX Features

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DeepEX Upgrades

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For vertical point loads within the soil mass: The software uses the Mindlin solution as outlined by Poulos and Davis, 1974 equations 2.4.a, and 2.4.g




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Purchase DeepEX

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