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10'x10' Pile Cap with Helical Piles

10'x10' Rectangular Pile Cap with Helical Piles

In this example we will design a rectangular pile cap with 4 helical piles. The model and analysis have been designed with DeepFND - Deep Foundations Design Software, using the Pile Groups additional optional module.

A. Project Description

This design example presents a case with a 10'x10' rectangular concrete pile cap, placed on a pile group of 4 (2x2) helical piles (4'' pile with 3 helixes 8'',10'' and 12''). Four soil layers are considered, and a set of loads (N = 100 kips , Vx = 3 kips and Vy = 5 kips) is applied at the pile cap centroid.

The following images present the completed pile cap model, the pile section and layout and the pile cap shape, dimensions and loading.




B. Example Video


Deep Foundations Design Software

Deep Foundations Design Software

DeepFND is the ultimate software program for lateral and vertical analysis of all types of foundation piles (helical and non-helical)!


Helical Piles Design Software

Helical Piles Design Software

HelixPile is a powerful software program for helical piles design. Lateral and vertical analysis in a single software package!


C. Pile Cap Analysis Results

In DeepFND we can review all results in tables and graphically on the model area. We can examine the pile cap moments and shear stresses, as well as, the developed axial, moment and shear stresses, along with the lateral displacements on each pile, on every direction (x and y).

The following images present some of the calculated result graphs, as they appear on the model area of DeepFND.

10x10 Pile Cap with Helical Piles Pile and Cap Moments.jpg

10x10 Pile Cap with Helical Piles Pile Displacements and 3D.jpg



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